The Undertropic was born with the strong will to create  

a beachwear marketplace with an accessories line based

on the handmade "savoir faire" talent from locals artisans .


Each of our pieces are exclusives.

About the Brand


 All of our products are handmade in natural fabrics.

 A mix of various products confortables  based on authenticity, tradition, inspired by the nature of the beauty of islands.

A warm colorful invitation for bohemian and casual lifestyle, dedicated for woman which aspire for freedom and joy.

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Surrounded by fashion in her childhood, Agathe Bousquet started her career 

at the age of nineteen, her first experience was through a tv network where.     

She played her role as a personal stylist. She worked in the Paris showroom for Cacharel and was the director of the US branch in NYC for many years.               She also opened   her own stores in the South of France.                                 

 During a trip to Peru, she discovered the artisanal woman in the mountains of Cusco, where The Undertropic was born. ​A place where she wants to give. 

access to women to find accessible chic beachwear products for their  tropical  escapes.  Supporting local woman artisans is part of her life's work, while enjoying the local markets though her travels to exotic destinations.               

artisan woman Marrakesh .jpg

     WOMAN ARTISAN      

 Each of our pieces from Morocco has a story & 

is made by our family artisan Bassma and her mother, 

 in Marrakesh, Morocco.                            

 They hand-crafted our pieces for us with Love                by practicing their crafts through generation after          generation.                                    

All of our items are made sustainably-harvested              plant materials based on palm fibers and eco-friendly.   

 We like to priviledge the respect of the environment. 

© 2020 TheUndertropic-All rights reserved 

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